Mediation Services

Having been involved in civil litigation since 1992, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, I have come to appreciate the terrible economic cost that litigation generates. And, considering litigation's combative atmosphere over a prolonged period of months and years, you are well advised to appreciate the severe emotional toll that is usually exacted on the participants.

On the other hand, when all parties approach it in good faith, mediation offers a valuable alternative that is generally much less expensive than the cost of prolonged litigation in court or contractually mandated arbitration proceedings. Mediation can also provide prompt settlements with all parties gaining a mutually satisfactory resolution. Why spend years grinding through the courts when a solution may be just a few short sessions away? Best of all, while court proceedings produce remedies prescribed by law, mediation can produce solutions limited only by the imagination and cooperation of the parties involved.

Mediation is also private with confidential settlement while court records are public and available to anyone for years. And by using mediation, the parties involved are able to excersise control over the outcome instead of leaving their fate in the hands of others.

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