Todd Cone and Ashley J. Kane

Since 1992, Todd Cone has been providing quality, personal service to his clients, his family and friends in the Bartlesville and Nowata areas.

After graduation from Bartlesville High School in 1984 and the University of Oklahoma in 1989, Todd received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1992. Todd returned to Bartlesville to practice law, and for several years he was a partner with Harris, Whitebread and Cone, where he practiced with Richard Harris.

The Todd Cone Law Offices are now located in Nowata, Oklahoma.

Born and raised in Bartlesville, Todd and his wife, Elizabeth, still have three generations of family in the Bartlesville/Nowata area. Todd and Elizabeth are the proud parents of Henry, Emma, John, Elise and Mary Cone. Between attending football, baseball or volleyball games, ballet, gymnastics, band, piano and other school activities,Todd has served as Nowata City 

Attorney, an adjunct professor at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and currently serves as Nowata Municipal Judge.

The goal for success of the Todd Cone Law Offices is simple—to provide our clients and friends with high quality, personal legal services.